We are a Energy-efficient Battery Producer

We have been present in the battery market since 1974 with customised solutions and a complete Circular Economy model.

We produce both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, with a strong focus on research and development.

In Teverola, we have set up a highly innovative plant for the production of cells, modules and lithium-ion batteries.

Again in Teverola, we are building the first Gigafactory in Southern Europe, and the only one in Italy, for the production of high-performance and green lithium cells and batteries.

Our investments are  strongly pursuing the strategic goal of delivering innovative, safe and eco-friendly products in the market, controlling the entire production value-chain.


Our mission:
green and customised batteries

Our mission is to make green batteries with low environmental impact and high energy efficiency, controlling the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the recycling of end-of-life batteries.

Our vision:
accelerating the energy transition

We want to accelerate the energy transition towards sustainability and decarbonisation, through a new way of thinking about the economy, with virtuous, innovative and low-impact products and production processes, supporting the transition from a linear to a circular model.

Our History

Faam brand is born - 1974

FAAM was founded in 1974 in the town of Monterubbiano (FM) as a brand manufacturer of energy storage systems. This historical experience in the sector allows us to offer Made in Italy products with very high energy efficiency.

Start-up production of Motive Power and Stand-By batteries - 1986

In 1986, the FAAM brand began producing batteries for the motive power and standby power sectors using lead-acid technology at its Monte Sant'Angelo (FG) plant.

Fuel Cell Technology applications - 2000

Since 2000 FAAM has been active in the application of Fuel Cell technology, both in the field of transport and standby use, reaching important goals in the development of hydrogen vehicles, such as the Smile Fuel Cell.

Lithium technology and BMS - 2004

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years, FAAM began to develop customised solutions with lithium technology complete with its own innovative management system (BMS - Battery Management System) for automotive, traction and stationary applications.

Business unit set up in China - 2006

Start-up of a factory with an area of 9000 square meters for the production of batteries for motive power applications in the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province (China).

Acquisition by Seri Group - 2013

In 2013 FAAM became part of the Seri Group, and this was the event that gave new impetus to the company's initiatives. Thanks to group synergies, in fact, it is now possible to enable a strategy of vertical integration of the production value-chain for both lead acid and lithium technology.

Start-up of the R&D activities on lithium cells- 2015

Acquisition of an R&D centre based in Turin (Italy) active in the development of LFP cells with a water-based process since 2009.

Acquisition of Repiombo- 2016

Upstream integration of a Smelter active in the production of secondary lead recovered from end-of-life batteries, effectively closing the loop in the supply chain of batteries and recycled lead.

Lithium cell and module production Teverola plant (ex Whirlpool) - 2017

At the end of 2017, FIB began the industrial reconversion of the Teverola site, formerly belonging to Whirlpool Corporation, with the aim of creating the first Mediterranean cluster for the production of lithium batteries.

IPCEI EU Project - 2019

The European Commission approves a project for the construction of a 8GWh/year gigafactory with an  integrated pilot line for end-of-life battery recycling.

Project start-up Teverola 2 - 2022

Activities for the start-up of the Teverola 2 programme begin, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Issuing of MISE decree - 2022

The Ministry of Economic Development issued the decree granting a subsidy to FIB S.p.A., from the IPCEI fund, in the amount of more than Euro 417 million for the start-up of the Teverola 2 investment programme.

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