At the heart of our business model is our desire to grow as a company committed to protecting and respecting the environment in which we live, creating energy opportunities for the future and always supporting those who, like us, like to look forward to a more sustainable world.

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Some of our most important achievements, in terms of sustainability, will lay the foundations for future goals, respecting the environment, as we are leading the Energy Transition.


Free Cobalt


Target recyclable quantity in % of spent battery


Made in Italy

Green Metals to be fully
recovered at end-of-life

Cobalt- and nickel-free LFP chemistry.

Water-based solution approach for electrode production to maximise emission reduction and end-of-life recovery.

Innovation for the environment:

We consistently worked to have a reduced environmental impact:


Continuous research in the field of energy efficiency, which has led to the development of the Energy Saving Battery system, which saves up to 27% of the energy needed to recharge traction batteries;


Optimisation of finished products that are more reliable and perform better in terms of safety and environmental protection (new traction cover);


Continuous reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and water: installation of an EMS probe for continuous monitoring of emissions, optimisation of the purification plant and of the battery charging phase, which allow lower energy consumption and less discharge to the purification plant;


Continuous optimisation of production processes, which has led to a reduction in waste generation, thanks also to a recycling policy.


The new market reality and the ever-increasing and diversified needs of customers have led the FIB to develop a new way of managing its structure and processes and therefore a new type of approach to the market.


FIB supports all actions aimed at protecting human health and the environment, avoiding that products and processes present significant risks to people and the ecosystem.

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