The latest generation of cars equipped with Start and Stop systems require high-performance batteries in terms of electrical characteristics and reliability, as well as high cycle resistance. The CYCLES range, through a new design of internal electrodes in terms of alloys, grids, thicknesses, new formulations of active materials and special internal separation systems, meets the needs of new cars. In both FLOODED and AGM versions, thanks to their extraordinary starting power and high cyclic resistance combined with a marked propensity to accept charge, the batteries in the CYCLES range represent the best solution in terms of performance, durability, reliability and safety.


The SAFE range, designed for vehicles of all categories, is the concrete answer to the ever-increasing demand for energy and the need for a high power accumulator for high starting currents, combined with safety and extreme reliability. Made of lead-calcium-tin alloys with a special recombination cover, centralised degassing and anti-flame pad, this range has great resistance to cycles and great charge acceptance and conservation, and is particularly suitable for applications on latest-generation cars.


The need to meet the requirements of high starting current, high reliability, no maintenance and high safety, has led to the design of the START range. The use of a hermetic recombination cover with a centralised degassing system and the application of a special anti-flame pad is a considerable benefit in the reliability and safety of this accumulator.

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