FAAM Marine

To tackle the problem of ship-borne pollution and, therefore, to support the process

of cold ironing as well as marine electric propulsion, FAAM proposes its own technology:

Safe - thanks to the LFP structure | Efficient - in terms of required space and relative lower weight | Certified.

Our products allow for a variety of solutions for manoeuvring and mooring in the naval field:

• hotel - when the boat is stationary in port with its own generators;

• mooring - possibility of manoeuvring and mooring in harbour with the use of electric power to reduce co2 emissions in harbour basins;

• access to areas of special natural and cultural interest with zero environmental impact thanks to lithium technology;

• dynamic position (dynamic anchoring) - thanks to shorter reaction times and the possibility of generators being idle;

• energy storage for hybrid propulsion;

• decarbonisation of port basins.

It is a process that allows the ship's engines to be switched off while moored in port, without, however, cutting off the energy supply required by it. The process is based on connecting the vessel to the electricity grid, so that the engines can be switched off and the emissions in the harbour can be reduced to zero. The supply of energy from the power grid benefits the air quality of the built-up area near the harbour. In addition, noise pollution generated by the operation of shipboard engines is reduced. The major limitation of cold ironing is its high installation cost. In fact, this technology requires both the electrification of the quay and direct intervention on the ship to connect to the grid. Intervention on the ship will be more expensive if the ship is already built.

Costs decrease if the ship is under construction or, better still, if it is in the design phase. For the Italian market, the EU will finance four Italian projects for the electrification of quays in the ports of Naples, Trieste and Venice through the Connecting Europe Facility. Cold ironing will be new for the ports of Naples and Trieste. In the port of Venice, on the other hand, the technology had already been present for several years in some docks. In addition to these new projects that will be launched soon, the reality of Genoa should also be highlighted, which not only already has cold ironing in operation, but also plans to extend it to other areas of the port. In cooperation with the Italian Navy: the Italian Navy and FINCANTIERI (FINMECCANICA) in the development and production of a complete integrated lithium-ion battery technology system, including a specific battery management system for submarines.

The FAAM Marine system is the ideal solution for both hybrid and full electric boats: from energy support in port to propulsion.


Lithium technology

FAAM brand lithium technology products are the safest and most reliable in terms of efficiency.

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