In the near future, southern Italy will be a key player in the production of accumulators for electric vehicles, a cutting-edge sector in which Italy is at the forefront in Europe.

Two Italian Gigafactory projects are already in the pipeline, the first in Molise, at the Stellantis plant in Termoli, and the other in Campania, at the FAAM plant associated with the listed Seri Industrial S.p.A. group. Since last year, the latter has already started producing lithium ion accumulators (the only producer in southern Europe) and is preparing for the next step following the non-repayable investment granted by Mise for around 418 million euros. There is also another project for a third all-Italian Gigafactory: Italvolt dreams of building another battery factory in the town of Scarmagno (TO) on the same site as the former Olivetti factory.

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